16 January 2018

This is the third year in a row, Bali Usada will conduct an intensive health meditation training classes (USADA TAPA BRATA) at Rumah Luwih Wedding Resort.

USADA TAPA BRATA is an intensive 7 days and 6 nights with Mr. Merta Ada and his team.

This year, USADA TAPA BRATA will be held on 25 february - 03 march 2018.  As quoted from their official instagram page information, this training is open to the public regardless of religion, social status, age, and other factors. Participants will be mentored gradually starting from the base, bringing up the Harmonious Mind and using to feel the body and healing. Medical Meditation practice techniques have been developed more than 20 years ago. This exercise has benefited many participants, both of whom have physical disorders (diabetes, high blood, lupus, migraine, tumor, cancer, not having offspring, etc.) as well as disorders of the mind (stress, depression, insomnia, anxious, easy to panic, lack of concentration, etc.). With the practice of meditation, life becomes calmer, healthier, and happier in the face of this life.

For further information and registration please contact :

Bali Usada Center
Telp: 0361-289209
SMS/WA: +62 816 571253

Rumah Luwih Wedding Resort

Telp: 0361-2005899
Direct line: 0361-2005888

Avia Tour

Telp: 021-422-3838/88

[USADA TAPA BRATA at Wedding Resort, Bali]

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