16 January 2018

The Trash Hero Indonesia is part of Trans Hero world, a community based projects whose noble goal is to create a sustainable activities to reduce future waste and remove existing waste through a long term behavior change.

As of July 2017, over 47.000 volunteers have removed 345 metric tons of garbage in 9 countries worldwide! What a fantastic achievement.

On Sunday 14th January 2018, Trash Hero Indonesia chapter Saba goes to Pantai Lebih and Rumah Luwih Bali Resorts had the opportunity to participate for the very first time. Together with Trash Hero Indonesia, Chapter Saba team, Rumah Luwih Bali Resorts cleaned up the trash around the beach and nearby area. Hopefully there will be more and more volunteers involved both from hotels around Pantai Lebih and individuals living around the beach . Everyone should be concerned with the cleanliness, sustainability, and beauty of beaches in Bali.


Trash Hero has a wonderful mission to share with others:

Action and Awareness

To act directly, then and there. Pick up trashes and clean up. Start with our neighbourhood to beaches we visit to places we know need to clean. Just act and don’t wait is the key.

imagine if there are 100 people in different places doing the same thing and each invites 10 more people, then there will be at least 1000 volunteers involved. With more people we can reach more places to clean and there will be more beautiful clean places we can enjoy.


Volunteers also get support in the form of training on garbage and its impact globally and long term. What and how will it impact the living being, for us and for our children and grandchildren in the future.

Sustainable Projects

The Trash Hero also creates long-term projects where communities can directly involve. How to remove and better manage our waste, what strategies to implement that will help reducing the amount of waste being produced in the future.


The Hero Trash motivates people to inspire others in everyday lives, to lead by example.

If you are interested to know more about Trash Heroes or join them please visit their website at

There is no cost to join. All you need to do is just show up at the scheduled time and place. You can also participate and becomes a sponsor. For example local businesses generously donate gloves and trash bags, food and beverages, and transportation when needed.

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