Saraswati Day

Saraswati Day

01 January 2019

This month, Balinese are celebrating quite a numbers of ceremonies . One of the main ceremony is Saraswati. It is celebrated once every 210 days based on Balinese Pawukon calendar.

Saraswati is a day when Balinese Hindus are celebrating “Knowledge Day”. Saraswati is the Hindu goddess for knowledge (learning, wisdom, creative, arts, language and wisdom).

On the day of Saraswati in the afternoon, Balinese are not permitted to read or write books are they are all being offered. In the evening (Malam Sastra) Balinese are encouraged to read weda in the houses or temple.

Several important days before and after Saraswati:

Pangredanan (the day before Saraswati)
This is the day of preparation. All the books and lontar are collected together, cleaned and dusted.

Saraswati Day
Balinese people bringing offerings to their holy books and scrolls in their houses and normally students celebrate it at school.

Banyu Pinaruh
Banyu Pinaruh is the day after Saraswati Day. "Banyu" means water and "Pinaruh" means wisdom. Banyu Pinaruh means that one must have wisdom which always flows like water. Balinese Hindu will pray for Dewi Saraswati (manifestation of God) to give wisdom and intelligent. People usually take a bath in the sea or for cleansing themselves .

Four days after Saraswati Day is when Balinese Hindu celebrate Pagerwesi day. "Pager" means fence and "Wesi" means iron. On Pagerwesi day, Balinese Hindus pray and make make offerings to their “Sanggah” (temple in their homes) and at all of  other temples. This is the second biggest holiday after Galungan day for the Balinese. Pagerwesi meant for people to keep their knowledge, health and to keep the universe in balance.

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