21 February 2018

Nyepi comes from the word quiet (silent, silent). Nyepi Day is a Hindu New Year ritual which date is based on caka calendar, which began in the year 78 AD.

In contrary with  A.D new year, Saka New Year is began with solitude. No regular activities and the Hindu are refrain from:

  • Lighting fire
  • Work
  • Entertainment / entertaining others / fun activities
  • Travelling

The Bali island will be shut down, airport and harbour will be closed. Public services are not available except for hospital (for emergency cases).

The ultimate purpose of Nyepi Day is to plead before God Almighty, to sanctify Bhuana Alit (human nature/microcosmos) and the Great Bhuana/macrocosmos (universe). Before Nyepi day, there are series of ceremonies conducted by Hindus, especially in the area of Bali.

About 2 or 3 days prior to Nyepi, Hindus will perform purgatory by performing a Melasti ceremony. On that day, all the means of worship in the temple (shrine) are paraded to the beach or lake, which is reffered as the source of holy water that can purify all the dirt in human and nature.
The day before Nyepi, in the "tilem sasih kesanga" (the 9th dead month), the Hindus performed the ”Buta Yadnya" at all levels of society, ranging from each family, banjar, village, subdistrict, and so on and  taking one of “Caru” (a sort of offerings) according to one’s affordability. The Blessed Yadnya were each named Pañca Sata (small), Pañca Sanak (medium), and Tawur Agung (large).

Caru that is held in each house consist of five (5) colors of noodles/packs with its side dishes, such as brass (colorful) chicken accompanied by the wine/wine.

Pengerupukan day is then performed usually in the evening before the Nyepi morning started. The family spreading the rice, torching the home and whole yard, and hit any objects (usually kentongan) to make sound or noise. This is done to repel the Butha Kala from home environment.

Pengerupukan is usually enlivened with ogoh-ogoh parade which is the embodiment of Butha Kala who are paraded around the environment, and then burned. This ceremony is also to drive away Butha Kala from the surrounding environment.

Serenity Nyepi at Rumah Luwih

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