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Luwih Steamboat


Andrawina Restaurant has recently launched "Luwih Steamboat" as its quarterly promotion until the end of December 2018. 
Starts  from IDR. 150,000++/set, guests will enjoy Luwih’s  home made steamboat with the signature sweet-sour sauce ready for Asian food lovers!  
For the next 3 months,  you  are invited to experience mixing your own sauces, cooking the vegetables, meats, seafood with two tasty kinds of  soups. 

Feast to your heart's content with our flavourful soup bases and complete with a scrumptious selection of tender cut meats, seafoods, mushrooms, vegetables, and many more! It’s serving up to 5 people making it a great value for money. 
Andrawina Restaurant serves generous portions of delicious dishes, perfect for meal sharing with families and friends.

The restaurant also serves  the finest Peranakan cuisines in a colonial setting that complement the atmosphere.  What a perfect place for family gatherings or special occasions. Located adjacent to the main Lobby of Rumah Luwih Beach Resort, it opens daily for all-day dining from 7.30am till 10.30pm.

Don’t miss our PERANAKAN SUNDAY BRUNCH buffet style  from 11,30am to 03.30pm. Only at  Rp.179.000++ per person and children under 12 years  eat at a special price, the brunch is not only offers special delicacies but also a family-friendly fun with free access to the swimming pool and kids playground.

Make sure you bring your appetite , your family and best friends!

Bali Boutique Hotel Luwih Steamboat

Rumah Luwih received an award
from MURI in record-breaking


Bali, 27 July, 2018 – Rumah Luwih Beach Resort recently successfully held a fashion show in collaboration with Indonesian designer, Anne Avantie. In this performance, Rumah Luwih Beach Resort also proudly received an award from MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) for its proud achievements as the first resort to hold a fashion show on the lake. The star-studded show was attended by more than 1000 guests.


Rumah Luwih Beach Resort, in collaboration with the Anne Avantie @anneavantieheart, ; one of Indonesia’s noted fashion designer proudly present the very first Pagelaran “Cinta Putih karya kasih Anne Avantie in Lebih, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia.


Mrs. Feroline Kurniawan as the owner of the Rumah Luwih, commented that this event is the first of its kind in Lebih, Gianyar. It’s indeed a great honour for Rumah Luwih Beach Resort to host this spectacular event and very grateful and thanks the employees as they worked together as a solid team and worked very hard to make this event a success.

Rumah Luwih Beach Resort is designed by the distinguished architect Hadiprana for the most discerning world travels. Rumah Luwih Beach Resort is conveniently located just 25 minutes north of Sanur, just five minutes drive from Bali Safari & Marine Park and  30 minutes to the historic & cultural center of famous Ubud.

Enjoy every aspect of Rumah Luwih as when you arrive, you’ll feel at home.


Bali Boutique Hotel Rumah Luwih received an award <br> from MURI in record-breaking

Rumah Luwih presents

“Cinta Putih” by Anne Avantie

Rumah Luwih once again collaborates with Anne Avantie, one of Indonesia's noted fashion designer for “CINTA PUTIH” event on 27 July 2018. The show is part of “CINTA PUTIH” series of show which have been held in several cities in Indonesia to mark the 29th years of Ms. Avantie’s journey. This will be her first appearance after 13 years ago where she held her fashion show in Bali. Through Cinta Putih at Rumah Luwih Beach Resort, not only she hopes to meet with her loyal audience and friends in Bali but she also sincerely hopes that it will encourage small and medium entrepreneurs to be confident,  brave and embrace all challenges that they might face when trying to grow up the business.


Cinta Putih will create a positive energy and stimulate not only the small and medium entrepreneurs but also Bali , especially Gianyar city to be proud of local brand and support them . The back ground of Cinta Putih is the amazing Rumah Luwih Beach Resort which design and inspiration source came from Taman Ujung ( Water Palace ) in Karang Asem . Designed by renown Indonesian architect Hadiprana, Rumah Luwih Beach Resort has a special bound with Anne Avantie and team. The first time Anne Avantie stayed at Rumah Luwih Beach Resort was when they did a photo shoot for her collections and supporting Rumah Luwih Beach Resort at the same time when it was just newly opened.


Cinta Putih, a beautiful, star-studded exquisite performance at a grand luxury Rumah Luwih Beach Resort is something that should not be missed !




Step into a delightful of oceanfront elegance and follow the classic royal mansion layout, designed by the distinguished architect Hadiprana for the most discerning world travels. Rumah Luwih Beach Resort is conveniently situated just 2,5 minutes north of Sanur and operates a regular shuttle service to both Sanur and Ubud. The resort is just five minutes from the renowned Bali Safari & Marine Park and just 30 minutes from the port of Padang Bai. 


From the moments guest step into the lobby, they are intimately engulfed by an unpretentious, welcoming ambiance. Rumah Luwih’s Ocean Chapel has become the resort’s primary landmark and is renowned as the setting of intimate matrimony accommodating up to 50 people.


Enjoy every aspect of Rumah Luwih Beach Resort as when you arrive, you’ll feet at home.

Bali Boutique Hotel Rumah Luwih presents



Ba l i ,  I n d o n e s i a  -  Step into a delightful haven of oceanfront elegance, Rumah Luwih brings the experience of an exceptional taste of luxury, designed by the distinguished architect Hadiprana for the most discerning world travelers. Andrawina Restaurant by Rumah Luwih provides a royal dining experience in a gorgeous colonial setting. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be enjoyed in this luxurious dining room or in its laid-back seating by the pool where guests enjoy their meals accompanied by the serene ocean breeze.


In keeping with classic traditions, Andrawina Restaurant is offering a special brunch menu honoring Peranakan cuisine every Sunday from 11.30 AM to 3.30 PM. Peranakan, also called Nonya cuisine is from the Peranakans, descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia and who married local Malays. The Malay word Nonya is a term of respect for women of prominent social standing and refers to the cuisine of the Peranakans.


Range of dishes are offered for mains including our new signature dish  - Hainanese Chicken Rice which is  very popular in South East Asia and now regarded as one of the national dishes in Singapore. Andrawina Hainanese Chicken Rice is an all-white tender chicken prepared from a spring chicken and boiled in the chicken broth with infused spices. Paired with savoury garlic rice and chilli-ginger sauce. Available at Andrawina Restaurant during Peranakan Sunday Brunch for only IDR 179,000++ per adult, special price for children under 12 years, and free for children under 4 years.


A grill station will also be available for those seeking for a barbeque Balinese experience. For dessert, guests will be served with various tropical fruits and an array of cakes from Indonesia. With such complex flavors and varied textures, Peranakan cuisine holds a special pride of place in the heart of Southeast Asia's culinary tradition.


Seated in the vast expanse of Rumah Luwih's dining room is certainly the best way to enjoy these classic flavors.


For booking and more information about Rumah Luwih, please visit:



Health Meditation Training Classes

This is the third year in a row, Bali Usada will conduct an intensive health meditation training classes (USADA TAPA BRATA) at Rumah Luwih. 


USADA TAPA BRATA is an intensive 7 days and 6 nights with Mr. Merta Ada and his team. 


This year, USADA TAPA BRATA will be held on 25 february - 03 march 2018.  As quoted from their official instagram page information, this training is open to the public regardless of religion, social status, age, and other factors. Participants will be mentored gradually starting from the base, bringing up the Harmonious Mind and using to feel the body and healing. Medical Meditation practice techniques have been developed more than 20 years ago. This exercise has benefited many participants, both of whom have physical disorders (diabetes, high blood, lupus, migraine, tumor, cancer, not having offspring, etc.) as well as disorders of the mind (stress, depression, insomnia, anxious, easy to panic, lack of concentration, etc.). With the practice of meditation, life becomes calmer, healthier, and happier in the face of this life.


For further information and registration please contact :


Bali Usada Center

Telp: 0361-289209

SMS/WA: +62 816 571253



Rumah Luwih Bali

Telp: 0361-2005899

Direct line: 0361-2005888



Avia Tour

Telp: 021-422-3838/88


Bali Boutique Hotel USADA TAPA BRATA


Your new home address

A home for the royals, this water palace is renowned for its grand architecture that wonderfully blends the beauty of Dutch colonial style with the intricate details of Chinese and Balinese cultures. Such grandiosity provides the base for Rumah Luwih’s architectural design. The resort, which occupies 2 hectares of lush greenery, is the setting for this lavish private residence where all guests are treated as royals in their very own tropical sanctuary.


Deriving its name from a Sanskrit word, Luwih translates as “more”. More than a house, Rumah Luwih is a home. Its architecture epitomizes a beautiful beachfront mansion where all family gathers to relax and unwind. From its classic Dutch era tiles, to the curated antiques, teakwood fittings and use of beautiful silk, every detail of Rumah Luwih is designed to create an intimate feeling as if coming home to your loving grandma’s mansion.



Serenity Nyepi at Rumah Luwih

Nyepi comes from the word quiet (silent, silent). Nyepi Day is a Hindu New Year ritual which date is based on calendar caka, which began in the year 78 AD.

In contrary with  A.D new year, Saka New Year is began with solitude. No regular activities and the Hindu are refrain from:

•         Lighting fire

•         Work

•         Entertainment/entertaining others/fun activities

•         Travelling


The island will be shut down and airport and harbour will be closed. Public services are not available except for hospital (for emergency cases).


The ultimate purpose of Nyepi Day is to plead before God Almighty, to sanctify Bhuana Alit (human nature/microcosmos) and the Great Bhuana/macrocosmos (universe). Before Nyepi day, there are series of ceremonies conducted by Hindus, especially in the area of Bali.


About 2 or 3 days prior to Nyepi, Hindus will perform purgatory by performing a Melasti ceremony. On that day, all the means of worship in the temple (shrine) are paraded to the beach or lake, which is reffered as the source of holy water that can purify all the dirt in human and nature.

The day before Nyepi, in the "tilem sasih kesanga" (the 9th dead month), the Hindus performed the ”Buta Yadnya" at all levels of society, ranging from each family, banjar, village, subdistrict, and so on and  taking one of “Caru” (a sort of offerings) according to one’s affordability. The Blessed Yadnya were each named Pañca Sata (small), Pañca Sanak (medium), and Tawur Agung (large).

Caru that is held in each house consist of five (5) colors of noodles/packs with its side dishes, such as brass (colorful) chicken accompanied by the wine/wine.


Pengerupukan day is then performed usually in the evening before the Nyepi morning started. The family spreading the rice, torching the home and whole yard, and hit any objects (usually kentongan) to make sound or noise. This is done to repel the Butha Kala from home environment.

Pengerupukan is usually enlivened with ogoh-ogoh parade which is the embodiment of Butha Kala who are paraded around the environment, and then burned. This ceremony is also to drive away Butha Kala from the surrounding environment.


Serenity Nyepi at Rumah Luwih


Rumah Luwih is pleased to offer a special rate for Nyepi Day.

Enjoy the serenity of Nyepi day at Rumah Luwih where you can reconnect with mother nature and spend quality time with your loved ones in a beachfront resort.


A 3 days 2 nights package starting from IDR 2,560,000 nett per room (Prabanggana Deluxe Room) is available with the following inclusions:


•          3 days 2 nights stay (16-18 march 2018)

•          Daily breakfast at Andrawina Restaurant for 2 persons

•          One time lunch for 2 persons on Nyepi day

•          One time dinner for 2 persons on Nyepi day

•          20% off spa treatments

•          10% off food and beverage (exclude alcohol)

•          Free minibar


For more information please email or call our team at +62 361 200 5889

Bali Boutique Hotel NYEPI DAY ( SILENT DAY )


Trash Hero has a wonderful mission to share with others

The Trash Hero Indonesia is part of Trans Hero world, a community based projects whose noble goal is to create a sustainable activities to reduce future waste and remove existing waste through a long term behavior change.


As of July 2017, over 47.000 volunteers have removed 345 metric tons of garbage in 9 countries worldwide! What a fantastic achievement.


On Sunday 14th January 2018, Trash Hero Indonesia chapter Saba goes to Pantai Lebih and Rumah Luwih had the opportunity to participate for the very first time. Together with Trash Hero Indonesia, Chapter Saba team, Rumah luwih cleaned up the trash around the beach and nearby area. Hopefully there will be more and more volunteers involved both from hotels around Pantai Lebih and individuals living around the beach . Everyone should be concerned with the cleanliness, sustainability, and beauty of beaches in Bali


Trash Hero has a wonderful mission to share with others:


Action and Awareness

To act directly, then and there. Pick up trashes and clean up. Start with our neighbourhood to beaches we visit to places we know need to clean. Just act and don’t wait is the key.

imagine if there are 100 people in different places doing the same thing and each invites 10 more people, then there will be at least 1000 volunteers involved. With more people we can reach more places to clean and there will be more beautiful clean places we can enjoy.



Volunteers also get support in the form of training on garbage and its impact globally and long term. What and how will it impact the living being, for us and for our children and grandchildren in the future.


Sustainable Projects

The Trash Hero also creates long-term projects where communities can directly involve. How to remove and better manage our waste, what strategies to implement that will help reducing the amount of waste being produced in the future.



The Hero Trash motivates people to inspire others in everyday lives, to lead by example.


If you are interested to know more about Trash Heroes or join them please visit their website at


There is no cost to join. All you need to do is just show up at the scheduled time and place. You can also participate and becomes a sponsor. For example local businesses generously donate gloves and trash bags, food and beverages, and transportation when needed.

Bali Boutique Hotel TRASH HERO

Saraswati Day


This month, Balinese are celebrating quite a numbers of ceremonies . One of the main ceremony is Saraswati . It is celebrated once every 210 days based on Balinese Pawukon calendar.


Saraswati is a day when Balinese Hindus are celebrating “Knowlegde Day” . Saraswati is the Hindu goddess for knowledge ( learning, wisdom, creative, arts, language and wisdom ).


On the day of Saraswati, in the afternoon, Balinese are not permitted to read or write books are they are all being offered . In the evening ( Malam Sastra ) Balinese are encouraged to read weda in the houses or temple .

Several important days before and after Saraswati :


Pangredanan (the day before Saraswati)
This is the day of preparation. All the books and lontar are collected together, cleaned and dusted.


Saraswati Day
Balinese people bringing offerings to their holy books and scrolls in their houses and normally students celebrate it at school


Banyu Pinaruh
Banyu Pinaruh is the day after Saraswati Day. "Banyu" means water and "Pinaruh" means wisdom. Banyu Pinaruh means that one must have wisdom which always flows like water. Balinese Hindu will pray for Dewi Saraswati (manifestation of God) to give wisdom and intelligent. People usually take a bath in the sea or for cleansing themselves .


Four days after Saraswati Day is when Balinese Hindu celebrate Pagerwesi day. "Pager" means fence and "Wesi" means iron. On Pagerwesi day, Balinese Hindus pray and make make offerings to their “Sanggah” ( temple in their homes) and at all of  other temples . This is the second biggest holiday after Galungan day for the Balinese. Pagerwesi meant for people to keep their knowledge, health and to keep the universe in balance.


Contact our team at Rumah Luwih Bali should you wish to have more information on Saraswati and other special days in Bali .

Bali Boutique Hotel Saraswati Day


A wedding at Rumah Luwih is a truly celebration as well as a luxurious romantic getaway

Marriage is a special sacred moment and happens once in a lifetime. So do not be surprised if many couples dream of a wedding moment to be very beautiful and memorable. Therefore they plan a marriage perfectly to be a memorable dream wedding of all time.


There are many things to do at the beginning of wedding planning. The first is to determine the location of the wedding. Rumah Luwih Bali is the right choice. Create the essence of a lavish marriage by the beach with a magnificent view with the grand architecture of a colonial building.


Rumah Luwih Bali also has a romantic beachside chapel with a capacity of up to 50 people. You also can enjoy the celebration of your special day in the elegant ballroom or you can choose the beautiful garden area. You even have the option to reserve the entire resort just for you and your family.


Rumah Luwih Bali provides wedding packages that you can choose according to your needs as well as pre wedding package, which makes beautiful moment in your life that will never be forgotten.


So why wait? the time is now to book your wedding dream.